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Define Aesthetics was conceptualised to provide state of the art aesthetic services to treat medical conditions. We pioneered in path breaking non-surgical safe, and secure technologies from around the world. We are one of the few clinics who/that started treating Obesity as a disease. There are enough scientific studies which prove that Obesity is one of the most common causes of various other medical complications like Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart Problems, and even some Cancers. Treating Obesity can help treat and even avoid various other medical conditions. Our team of doctors is certified and specialized to understand and treat Fat with a combination of various non-surgical and safe technologies.

Our clinical nutritionist is certified to understand food and management of calories for a healthy weight loss journey. We further specialized in providing Skin and Face treatments to ensure a complete aesthetic package. Looking good helps feel confident and that is the key for enriched social skills. Our aim has always been to help people get fit, look good and feel confident.
We are the only clinic in Pune who created a process to treat conditions considering a Healthy and safe approach. Our Doctors are specialized in evaluation of the cause. This is the most important factor for any treatment. Based on the underlying conditions, our doctors target the condition before designing a personalized treatment plan with a combination of technologies. The thorough evaluation and supervision by specialized doctors help us successfully treat Obesity, Skin and Face related issues, and even some medical conditions caused due to excessive Fat. The results are long lasting. 

To use medical expertise combined with safe and effective world class technologies to help people stay fit, look good and feel confident.

To provide state of the art treatments and incomparable service in the field of Medical Aesthetics. Honesty towards our patients and result oriented approach will be a ladder to our excellence.


Aesthetic Physician M.B.B.S., D.A. .SCOPE Certified Bariatric Physician

Dr. Sheetal is an Aesthetic Physician & Obesity Consultant. She has done her graduation & post-graduation from the University of Mumbai. Awarded a Gold medal in M.B.B.S. by the University of Mumbai in the year 2000 and consecutively topped Grant Medical College in her speciality in 2004.

She has also done Specialist Certification in Obesity Professional Education from IASO (International Association for the Study of Obesity)
The first and only doctor in India to have been trained in ION MAGNUM, I-ELLIOS & HiFU-2 + Lipolaser combination.

Trained intensively by the Elite in the field of obesity & cosmetology our doctor has a belief that everyone desirous of healthy slimming and enhanced aesthetics has right to it & it is with the same mission Define Aesthetics clinic is established.

Qualifications & Accolades
– Trained & certified for use of HiFU (High-intensity Focussed Ultrasound) with Lipolaser from France.
– Trained & certified for use of Ion Magnum technology from London University.
– Trained & certified for use of Nano-Perfector technology for non-surgical face lift from USA.
– Specialist Certification in Obesity Professional Education from IASO (International Association for the Study of Obesity).
– Member of AIAARO ( All India Association for Advancing Research in Obesity)
– International membership of WOSIAM (World Society Interdisciplinary Anti-Aging Medicine)
– Member of World Anti-aging Network

Our Team

At Define Aesthetics, our mission is to provide our clients with the most advanced and comprehensive non-invasive aesthetic solutions for weight loss, body contouring, skin treatments, and anti-aging treatments. Led by Dr. Sheetal Badami, our team works closely with clients to understand their goals and expectations, customizing treatment plans to achieve optimal results.

Expert Doctors:
At Define Aesthetics, our team of expert doctors plays an important role in delivering exceptional results to our clients. Our doctors are committed to providing personalized treatment plans and staying updated with the latest advancements in the field to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Nutritionists and Dieticians:
Our team of nutritionists and dietitians plays a crucial role in helping our clients achieve their weight loss and health goals. They develop personalized nutrition plans tailored to each client’s unique needs, lifestyle, and preferences. Through careful assessment and regular monitoring, they provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure our clients make sustainable lifestyle changes.

Therapists and Body Contouring Specialists:
Our therapists and body contouring specialists are dedicated to helping clients attain their desired body shape and appearance. With expertise in various non-invasive body contouring technologies they skilfully target stubborn fat deposits and tighten loose skin to sculpt a more toned physique. With their caring and compassionate approach, our therapists ensure that every client feels comfortable and confident throughout their body contouring journey.

Locate Us

504, 5th Floor, Sai Capital, S.B. Road,
Opp. J W Marriott hotel,
Pune, Maharashtra 411 016

2nd Floor, Clover Metropole,
Above Dorabjee Supermarket, NIBM Road,
Pune, Maharashtra 411 048.


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