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Defined Fat Reduction

✔ Are you finding it tough to lose weight from your TUMMY?
✔ Is the FAT on your HIPS and THIGHS making you conscious?
✔ Tired of the DOUBLE CHIN?
✔ 1000’s of crunches and the LOVE HANDLES won’t go?

Don’t worry, the doctors at Define introduce targeted FAT reduction services to help get rid of the stubborn FAT and achieve Healthy Weight Loss.

How is targeted FAT reduced?
Fat from different parts of the body needs to be targeted using different technologies. In certain cases, a combination of technologies on a specific body part gives best results. After tremendous research on Types of Fat and technologies to target them, we are proud to introduce a wide range of non-surgical technologies for targeted FAT reduction.

– Highly Focalized Ultrasound (HiFU) destroys Subcutaneous FAT cells
– Ion Magnum reduces Subcutaneous as well as Visceral Fat and
– Acoustic Wave target Cellulite

Our Doctors plan the Weight Loss treatments using these technologies in various personalized combinations depending on the type of FAT and body area for achieving optimum results.

Are the treatments safe?
All technologies used at Define are FDA approved, non-surgical and completely safe. These technologies are globally used and have given amazing results for fighting obesity and toning the body.

Where does reduced FAT go?
The fat is metabolised and converted into energy for consumption by the body. The result is healthy and lasting Weight Loss.

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