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Specialized Medical Services

✔ Are you tired of the Back, Knee and Joint Pains?
✔ Is the extra weight leading to Knee Pain?
✔ Is your Child conscious of the extra weight?
✔ Tried everything but still can loss the Post Pregnancy FAT?

Don’t worry, the doctors at Define introduce Specialised Medical Services to help get rid of the stubborn FAT. Define is proud to introduce Specialised Medical Services to patients with complication related to Obesity. Excessive Fat is known to be one of the underlying reasons for various medical complications like Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart related issues and even some cancers.

Additionally, the extra weight can lead to:
1. Back, Knee and Joint Pain
2. Knee Pain and
3. Psychological Disorders

The team of Doctors at Define ensures that every patient is examined for the core reason of the problem and treated accordingly. Along with the treatment our in-house clinical nutritionist provides a quantified nutrition plan to ensure calorie management.

Our 65 year old patient Malti Dhangar could barely walk without support. The main reasons were weak muscles and excess weight. With our proprietary treatment combinations on ION Magnum and HiFU she has become independent today. Multiple such case studies make us the finest Weight Loss related Specialised Medical Services clinic in Pune.

Are the treatments safe?
All technologies used at Define are FDA approved, non-surgical and completely safe. These technologies are globally used and have given amazing results for fighting obesity and toning the body.

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