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Childhood Obesity Treatment

One in every 8 children in India is Obese. Childhood Obesity needs to be taken seriously. Studies have shown that obese children have more chances to becoming obese in Adulthood. The fat cells keep multiplying till the age of 18. Higher the number of Fat cells, higher storage of Fat and greater the chances of carrying Obesity to adulthood. Apart from the health risk, there are also psychological impacts like low self-esteem, anxiety and depression. If treated on the right time, it is possible to get rid of stubborn fat in a healthy way. The fat in children is usually a mix of Subcutaneous as well as Visceral Fat.

How is Childhood Obesity treated at Define?

At Define, the doctors analyse children for associated hormonal disorders. It is observed that these disorders could be either the reason or the effect of early age obesity. The doctors also analyse the type and composition of fat. Based on the result a Personalized Treatment Plan is made using a combination of the following technologies:

  • Ion Magnum is used to directly target and metabolize fat. The result is strengthened muscles and reduced Fat.
  • Lymphatic Drainage improves Lymph-circulation and drainage of fat metabolites and unhealthy toxins

Along with the treatment our in-house clinical nutritionist provides a quantified nutrition plan to ensure calorie management.

What are the benefits of Childhood Obesity treatment at Define?

There are multiple benefits of choosing treatments at Define:

  • Targeted Fat is reduced permanently which improves aesthetic appearance
  • Technologies used at Define are completely non-surgical.
  • The treatments are designed to directly target different types of fat and strengthen muscle mass.
  • All technologies are FDA approved and completely safe with zero side effects.
  • All treatments are designed after careful medical assessment of every patient.
  • Any underlying condition is treated to achieve maximum result.
  • The treatments are conducted under doctor’s supervision to ensure that proper protocol is followed.

What is expected during the treatment?

Following are some quick pointers to understand the treatment at Define:

  • The Fat reduction treatments at Define are walk-in, walk-out treatments.
  • Approximate treatment time is 45 minutes and patients are expected to arrive 15 minutes early.
  • Doctors monitor every treatment and are available for answering any query.
  • Patients are expected to follow a simple and healthy diet.

Are the results permanent?

Following are the scientific reasons which ensure that the Fat Loss results at Define stay permanent

  • The treatments at Define target the Fat and metabolize it into energy.
  • ION MAGNUM strengthens the muscle and burns the extra Fat
  • ION MAGNUM improves metabolism and reduces conversion of excess calories into FAT.

All these directly create a Healthy Weight Loss approach and the results with this approach are long lasting and permanent.