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✔ Have you tried one or many types of Diet and yet no weight-loss?
✔ Do you want to know the whole concept of Calorie Counting?
✔ Working out, Running and still the dream AB’s not showing?
✔ The Diet works only till the Diet is on, Diet gone, Fat adds-on, WHY SO?

Don’t worry, based on your Caloric requirement and food choices our Clinical Nutritionist will design a personalised quantified diet plan. The caloric management diet and training will ensure long lasting results.

What is Define Aesthetics approach to a Personalized and Quantified Nutrition Plan?

A personalized nutrition plan is a balanced structured plan which includes following stages:

  • On the 1st visit, Body Composition Analysis is done to know the BMI, fat % and lean body weight. A detailed history about Medical illnesses, Medications/Supplements taken. Diet, with daily routine and activity levels is analysed. This helps in understanding the metabolism and caloric requirements of a person.
  • A balanced nutrition chart is prepared as per the calorie intake with details of calorie distribution in Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats.
  • A structured and personalized diet is designed which can be easily followed. The choice of diet can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian.
  • Assessment and feedback are taken every week to monitor the progress. Based on the result changes are made regularly.
  • Our Nutritionist is available on chat to address any queries on regular basis.
  • At the end of the Nutrition plan proper guidelines are made for weight maintenance.

What is the role of diet in a weight loss program?

Weight gain or Weight loss is a simple balance of “Calories In” and “Calories Out”. So, any weight loss program supplemented with a right diet or nutrition plan will always give desired results. A right Nutrition Plan is calculated with your height, weight, BMI, body fat percentage, lean weight, your lifestyle, and your activity & workout level. This kind of Personalized Nutrition Plan will support your weight Loss program for optimum results.

How do I choose the right diet for me?

Nowadays, unfortunately, because of social media and freely available diets on the internet, people fall prey to different types of diets such as the Intermittent Fasting diets, Keto diets, Paleo diet, Dixit diet so on and so forth. Each of these diets have their pros and cons but the internet gives you a diet program without taking into consideration your Lifestyle, Health issues, Workout plans, BMI along with your likes and dislikes. All this without any consideration of your individual background and also does not give you alternatives in terms of your liking or availability of resources in your region. It is just a generalised program made with no personalisation. The best diet for you is the one that is planned based on your lifestyle, goals, body composition, and metabolism. It has to fit your lifestyle and should be easy for you to follow. It is better to take the help of a Trained Nutritionist to design the right diet for you.

Does the same diet give similar results for everyone?

NO, the same diet cannot give same result. Because every individual has a different Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Calorie expenditure needs to be calculated based on various parameters for designing a personalized calorie intake plan. An expert nutritionist with knowledge on calorie consumption, expenditure and food composition can design a personalized diet to give results.

Each individual has a different Body Composition, Lifestyle, Medical Conditions, and Activity Levels. Each individual has a varying Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) too! A nutrition plan has to be designed taking into account all these factors for it be effective. It is very important to consult a qualified dietician or nutritionist to understand which diet is suitable for whom. Diet is never a one size fits all, it is tailor-made, customized for different people based on the metabolism, body composition, medical conditions, lifestyle routines, cultural preferences, etc.

Can a wrong diet have negative effects on my health?

A wrong diet plan can put you at the risk of developing some illnesses and other health problems especially nutritional deficiencies. Like Fruit Diets or Liquid Diets are very low in Protein and can cause muscle loss in the long run. Diets based on eliminating certain food groups (eg. Keto diet) can lead to micronutrient deficiencies.

If you consume very low calories for a very long time your body tries to conserve energy by slowing down your metabolism. This lowers your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and once you start eating normal food again, you gain weight much faster.

How does a diet actually work?

Dieting does not mean that you have to stay hungry. It is basically about breaking bad eating habits, reading labels when you shop for food, and eating small portions of nutrient-rich, balanced meals. It is about consuming the exact amount of calories and nutrition that you require to achieve your goals.

What is the concept of calorie counting?

The food we eat becomes the fuel that runs our bodies, A calorie measures the amount of energy in the food that we consume. If you consume too many calories you will gain weight; excess calories are stored as Fat. If you consume less calories than you are spending, you will lose weight as the body will use stored fat for completing the energy requirement. Our body spends calories for:

  • BMR – energy required by our body to carry out basic bodily functions such as pumping the blood, digesting food, functioning of brain etc. This adds up to a surprisingly high amount of calories.
  • Thermogenesis – energy needed by the body to keep you warm enough.
  • Activity – daily activities like sitting, standing, walking, climbing steps and exercise.

For weight loss one needs to understand body’s calorie requirements and accordingly reduce calorie intake to create a Calorie Deficit. With calculated calorie deficit the body will use stored fat for completing the energy requirement. Further the calorie intake has to be broken down into calories from carbohydrates, protein and fat. While each gram of carbohydrates and proteins give 4 Cal; one gram of fat gives 9. Choosing to ignore the right source may actually not be beneficial for your ultimate goals. Not all foods are treated in the same way by the body. Carbohydrates, Sugar, Fats, and Proteins are all metabolized differently. Secondly, the food we eat can affect some very critical hormones in different ways. Due to this, different food can impact your metabolism negatively or positively. Hence it is equally important to design a Nutrition Plan with right combinations of Carbs, Protein, and Fat to achieve accurate results.

How long does it take to show results?

Every individual has different metabolism and everyone reacts differently to a diet. Most people show results in the first week itself. The result needs to be evaluated and proper corrections to the diet need to be made by an expert.

Will I gain weight after finishing a diet?

If you are on a calorie deficit for too long it slows down your metabolism and you tend to gain weight after stopping the diet. Some diets can be deficient in protein which can cause muscle loss. This further slows your metabolism and you tend to bounce back. A right Nutrition plan should be planned in such a way that your metabolism is not hampered while achieving fat loss. As long as you maintain a balance of Calorie Intake vs Calorie Expenditure, the results achieved are easily maintained.

Can you tell more about Keto Diet – benefits & side effects?

In a “Ketogenic” diet you get more calories from protein and fat and less from carbohydrates. When you eat less than 50 grams of carbs a day, your body eventually runs out of fuel (blood sugar) it can use quickly. This typically takes 3 to 4 days. Then the body starts to break down fat for producing an energy source called ketones. This is when your body goes into a state of Ketosis.

Benefits of Keto:

  • A ketogenic diet may help you lose more weight in the first 3 to 6 months than some other diets. This may be because it takes more calories to change fat into energy than it does to change carbs into energy.
  • It’s also possible that a high-fat, high-protein diet satisfies you more, so you eat less.
  • It lowers insulin levels which can benefit in Insulin Resistance and Diabetes.
  • It is known to benefit conditions such as PCOD, Acne, Epilepsy.

Adverse/Side effects of keto diet:

  • The keto flu, which may include headache, weakness, and irritability along with bad breath and fatigue.
  • Constipation
  • Mild low blood sugar
  • Indigestion
  • High levels of acid in your body (acidosis)
  • Much less often, low-carb diets can lead to kidney stones due to large quantities of ketones produced.

Do I need to work-out while following a diet?

While the exercise itself does not really cost a lot of energy, one can easily raise your BMR by exercising. Exercise helps to build up muscles and increases muscle mass which helps to increase Basal Metabolic Rate. This means that the Calorie Expenditure is going to increase. So naturally exercise combined with a proper Nutrition plan will give faster and long-lasting results.

Will a diet help lose targeted fat?

No diet will not help you lose targeted fat. It is not possible to control the areas from where the fat gets mobilized for energy. A proper diet will help lose overall fat and the fat% will reduce.

Ion Magnum plus Diet benefits

Ion Magnum is an FDA approved technology. It is based on Nanotechnology which is used to deliver completely safe Pure Analog Multi Sine Waveforms. When we exercise our brain sends signals to the corresponding muscles. Ion Magnum mimics these signals so that the muscle tissue is made to believe that it is performing a muscle-toning workout. Since Ion Magnum works in an effortless manner to exercise the muscles, the body burns only fat for energy, without decreasing glucose levels.

Thus, Ion Magnum will fasten the fat loss process when combined with your diet plan. It also helps to achieve targeted fat loss which diet alone cannot give. It speeds up muscle building and improves your BMR.