Define Aesthetics

Acne and Acne-Scars Reduction

Acne is a medical condition which is caused because of:

  • Increased seborrhoea (oil production by glands)
  • High bacterial load on skin
  • Clogging of oil glands by dirt /pollution
  • Hormonal influence (increased male hormone levels)
  • In majority of cases it starts in teens and can last till adulthood.

Mostly it is found on the face though in some cases Acne is found on other parts of the body like back and chest. Acne can lead to problems like Scarring, Skin Pigmentation and Psychological issues.

How is Acne and Acne-Scars treatment done at Define?
At Define, the doctors analyse the reason and severity of the Acne and resulted scarring. The staging is followed as per standard protocol and a personalized treatment plan is designed using a combination of technologies, Peels and some Application lubes like:

Nano-Perfector – The signals of this technology synch with body’s endogenous signals and boost the cell’s ability to repair & regenerate. The treatment helps improve oxygenation and blood circulation to skin cells. The result is rejuvenation of skin with detoxification. Pigmentation and Scarring also reduce.
Chemical Peel –This involves application of a medicated gel solution that decreases new acne formation, oil gland activity and acne blemishes. It also helps in resurfacing Acne-Scars.
Topical Medications – Gel, Lotions and Creams are prescribed based on type of skin and stage of Acne.
Daily skincare protocol and skin nourishing diet is explained by trained doctors depending on type of skin.
What are the benefits of Acne and Acne-Scars reduction treatments at Define?

There are multiple benefits of choosing treatments at Define:

  • The treatment is designed to directly target the root cause of Acne at cellular level.
  • The technologies used at Define is completely non-surgical.
  • The Nano-Perfector technology is FDA approved and completely safe with zero side effects.
  • All treatments are designed after careful medical assessment of every patient.
  • The treatments are conducted under doctor’s supervision to ensure that proper protocol is followed.

What is expected during the treatment?

Following are some quick pointers to understand the treatment at Define:

  • The Acne and Acne-Scars reduction treatments at Define are walk-in, walk-out treatments.
  • Skin Treatments have no downtime and are painless.
  • Approximate treatment time is 45 minutes and patients are expected to arrive 15 minutes early.
  • Doctors monitor every treatment and are available for answering any query.