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Pune's Fat loss partner since 8 years

Pune's Fat loss partner since 8 years

For that glowing face and silky smooth skin

For that glowing face and silky smooth skin

Quantified Nutrition plan to boost immunity and weight loss

Quantified Nutrition plan to boost immunity and weight loss

Defined Fat Reduction

✔ Are you finding it tough to lose weight from your TUMMY?
✔ Is the FAT on your HIPS and THIGHS making you conscious?
✔ Is there no way to get rid of the DOUBLE CHIN?
✔ 1000’s of crunches and the LOVE HANDLES won’t go?

The doctors at Define introduce targeted FAT reduction services to help you get rid of the stubborn FAT. Our technologies reduce FAT from targeted parts like Belly, Hips, Thighs, Arms and even the Face.

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Specialized Medical Services

✔ Are you tired of the Back, Knee and Joint Pains?
✔ Is the extra weight leading to Knee Pain?
✔ Is your Child conscious of the extra weight?
✔ Tried everything but still can lose the Post Pregnancy FAT?

Excess FAT in the body can be a reason for multiple Medical and psychological conditions. Specialized Medical treatments help get rid of targeted FAT to treat pain and counter psychological issues.

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Face and Skin Treatment

✔ Are you conscious of skin pigmentation on your Face?
✔ Is the age showing because of wrinkles on Face?
✔ Tried everything but cannot get rid of Dark Circles?
✔ Do you want to get rid of Acne and Acne-Scars?

Don’t worry, the doctors at Define introduce specialized Skin and Face treatments to help you rejuvenate your skin, be confident and stay young.

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Quantified Nutrition

✔ Have you tried one or many types of Diet and yet no weight-loss?
✔ Do you want to know the whole concept of Calorie Counting?
✔ Working out, Running and still the dream AB’s not showing?
✔ The Diet works only till the Diet is on, Diet gone, Fat adds-on, WHY SO?

Don’t worry, based on your Caloric requirement and food choices our Clinical Nutritionist will design a personalised quantified diet plan. The caloric management diet and training will ensure long lasting results.

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Defined Genomics

✔ Tried various Diets and still can’t lose that FAT?
✔ YOGA, GYM and Running not giving the results you want?
✔ Confused about whether to follow Intermittent Fasting or a 6-meal plan?

Well, the answers to all these questions are hidden in your Genetic Code. What if we could decode your genetic code and gave you the type of food which causes fat deposition, the best time and type to exercise for maximum results and the fasting guidelines specific to you?

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Human body has 3 types of Fat namely, Subcutaneous Fat, Visceral Fat, and Cellulite. Visceral fat is the fat which is stores around functional and important organs of the body like the liver, intestines, and kidneys. Excessive Visceral fat can interfere with metabolism causing medical conditions like Insulin Resistance, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Hypertension, and even some Cancers and Heart Issues. For weight loss, people sometimes choose muscle stimulators or crash diets. The results may help lose water weight or cause other side effects. Lost water weight is sure to bounce back.

Considering all the above, Define is proud to introduce A Healthy Weight Loss Concept. The concept involves reducing subcutaneous and visceral fat while strengthening muscle mass and improving metabolic rate. At Define Aesthetics, our doctors specialize in diagnosing the reason for weight gain, the type of FAT and the required treatment to target the FAT. The team of obesity expert doctors, nutritionists, and trained therapists design a personalised plan using globally proven technologies for weight loss, muscle strengthening, and improved metabolic rate. The result of the treatments is a sustained, long-term weight loss.


Customized Treatments

Expert Doctors

Safe & Non-Surgical

Scientific Technology

Proven Success

Our Treatments

Belly Fat Reduction

Get rid of the stubborn BELLY FAT with our safe and secure non surgical TUMMY TUCK

Hips and Thighs Fat Reduction

Lose the stubborn HIP and Thigh FAT with our targeted FAT loss program

Double Chin Reduction

Reduce the accumulated FAT under the chin with FDA approved technologies

Childhood Obesity Treatment

Help your child lose FAT and gain confidence with our child friendly and safe treatments

Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal tightening helps fight sexual dissatisfaction and treats stress urinary incontinence

Quantified Nutrition Services

Keep a calorie deficit with a nutrient rich diet for healthy weight loss

Non-Surgical Face Lift

Get rid of wrinkles and redefine your AGE with non surgical FACE LIFT treatments

Acne and Acne-Scars Reduction

A combination of peels and treatments helps reduce ACNE and Acne Scars

Skin Pigmentation Reduction

Reduce pigmentation and rejuvenate your skin with our signature Skin treatments

Our Technologies

Ion Magnum – an Innovative Technology

High-intensity Focused Ultrasound (HiFU)

Acoustic Wave Technology

Nano Perfector Technology


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