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Why does the lost weight bounce back?

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Many of us go through this weight gain- weight loss cycle repeatedly and it can be really frustrating.

There can be various reasons why the lost weight tends to bounce back…

  • Our bodies are made up of water, bones, muscle and fat. If you lose the water weight it is not only temporary but also can have harmful effects on your body.
  • Extreme diets which are low in protein or, machines like muscle stimulators can cause muscle loss. This lowers your metabolism. This means you burn lesser calories and you end up putting on more weight.
  • If you go on a very low-calorie diet for a long time your body starts to conserve energy by slowing down metabolism. This is called Metabolic adaptation. Once you start eating normal food again, the weight comes back.
  • There can be some medical conditions which may be the reason for your weight gain. Like Insulin Resistance, Thyroid, etc. If these are not diagnosed and corrected then they can be a hindrance in your weight loss efforts.

The right approach is to evaluate your lifestyle, medical history, fat %, type of fat and follow a Healthy Weight Loss approach. This essentially means fat loss and muscle gain which will improve your metabolism.

If you want your lost weight to stay off; you need to check a few things before choosing your weight loss method.

  • Consult with a specialised doctor and rule out any medical reasons for weight gain
  • Whether you will be losing fat or just water weight.
  • Is your muscle mass improving or are you losing muscle
  • Is it safe with zero side effects

At Define Aesthetics every patient is assessed by our expert team of doctors for BMI, fat %, visceral fat, associated medical conditions like Hypertension, Diabetes, Hypothyroidism. Also some tests are done to check any underlying medical problem causing the increased weight or obstructing weight loss. After that a customized plan is made. If required the underlying medical conditions are corrected so that effective weight loss can be achieved. We use a combination of safe and non-surgical technologies like Ion Magnum, High Focalised Ultrasound, Detoxification, Radio frequency and Acoustic Wave.

The entire treatment is monitored by the doctors ensuring effective weight loss. With combination of these 6000+ obese individuals have been treated to help them satisfactorily since year 2010.